Auckland Freeview UHF TV Aerial Signal Repair and New Installations: VHF to UHF replacement Installations; Satellite TV dish installation, SkyTV signal repair, LNB replacement, dish alignment and RF modulator multiple room satellite TV distribution. New house RG6 cabling work, renovation cabling works. TV wall mount; CCTV installations residential and commercial. New CCTV services

Sky TV Dish Signal Repair

$125 to check and repair Sky TV no or weak signal problems. Extra $25 you get a new PBI LNB: 11300Mhz or 10750Mhz for your Sky TV box or MySky HDi the type with a hard drive. Faster service, cheaper rates.

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Used Sky Dish For Freeview

We constantly have used or abandoned Sky dishes available for Freeview new installations. We got them from abandoned renovation and construction site under owner's permission. Some owners just gave them to us. They are good quality satellite dish, good deal to use them for Freeview satellite channels or Optus D2 free to air channels. $250 gst inclusive only for roof installation.

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New Dish Installation Optus D2

$350 for a new 75cm Taiwan Azureshine brand Ku band satellite dish installation for free channels on satellite Optus D2.

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Why Us: Kiwi Antennas Limited

Why Us? 1. We import good quality digital UHF aerials, satellite dishes, installation accessories; installation mounts which perform better and last longer. 2. We apply excellent installation techniques built over onsite experiences in different areas of Auckland. 3. We are skilled at cabling and signal distribution. We have proper tools; methods to mount antennas on

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